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Cristiano Ronaldo scored twice, Portugal defeated Sweden and won two consecutive European League matches. Facing opponents eager to score points at home, Portugal relies on tenacious defense and delicate cooperation to control the game. After the "comeback", Ronaldo has fully participated in all aspects of the offense, showing the absolute core value.

克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)攻入两球,葡萄牙击败瑞典,并连续两次赢得欧洲联赛冠军。面对渴望在本国得分的对手,葡萄牙依靠顽强的防守和精细的合作来火狐体育nba控制比赛。 “复出”后,罗纳尔多充分参与了进攻的各个方面,显示出绝对的核心价值。

Playing two games in three days, Fernando Santos only made one adjustment to the starting lineup, that is, Ronaldo replaced Diogo Jota. After the defeat in the first game, Sweden coach Andersson's use of troops has been questioned a lot. In order to avoid losing streak, Anderson made up to six adjustments to the starting lineup in this campaign. The home team has an advantage in physical fitness, which is the key to their ability to suppress Portugal for a long time in the first half.


In the first game against Croatia, Portugal was very active in the oppressive stage of the frontcourt, and the counter-grab after losing the ball was also very "fierce". In this scene, against Sweden, who is eager to grab points at home, Portugal chose a more conservative play. Santos' strategy is based on defense, using the midfielder to hold the ball more points and Ronaldo's strong impact to fight back.


When Sweden continued to launch an offensive from both wings, Portugal had a lot of participation in the defense, and the front line was suppressed and flat. In order to quickly "pop" in the defensive transition phase, Ronaldo will come to the defensive line to receive the ball, creating opportunities for Felix and Bruno Fernandez to advance with the ball.


Ronaldo completed 7 shots in this campaign, showing a strong desire to attack. While undertaking the finishing task, Cristiano Ronaldo also completed 2 breakthroughs and sent 34 passes with a pass success rate of 94%. The touch points are all over the center and front court. Ronaldo is fully involved in the offense, and teammates also need to get rid of the shackles of the role to adapt to this style of play. Bernardo Silva and Guedes who came off the bench are relatively fixed. Felix has a large area of ​​activity. Portugal needs this kind of side (left) and centered players to interact with Ronaldo.

罗纳尔多在这场运动中完成了7枪,显示出强烈的进攻欲望。克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)在完成整理任务的同时,还完成了2项突破,并发了34次传球,传球成功率为94%。接触点遍布中心和前场。罗纳尔多充分参与了进攻,队友还需要摆脱角色的束缚,以适应这种打法。替补席上的贝尔纳多·席尔瓦(Bernardo Silva)和瓜迪斯(Guedes)相对固定。费利克斯有很大的活动领域。葡萄牙需要这种支持者(左)和居中的球员与罗纳尔多进行互动。

Without Andre Silva and Andre Gomez, the efficiency of C Rolla's side pass will not be too high. Bruno Fernandez is good at catching the low ball and must compete for the high altitude in front of the Swedish center. The ball will be more difficult. The effect of the side pass was not good. Portugal quickly adjusted the offensive strategy. They put a lot of troops on the strong side to participate in the pass. After entering the front field 30 meters, they no longer cling to the bottom, but through the horizontal connection from the center or without the ball. Look for opportunities on one side.

没有安德烈·席尔瓦和安德烈·戈麦斯,C Rolla的边路传球效率不会太高。布鲁诺·费尔南德斯(Bruno Fernandez)擅长接低球,必须在瑞典中锋面前争夺高空。球会更困难。旁传的效果不好。葡萄牙迅速调整了进攻策略。他们派出大批军队参加通行证。进入前场30米后,他们不再紧贴底部,而是通过从中心或没有球的水平连接。在一方面寻找机会。

Surrounded by tall Swedish players, Felix showed his technical advantages to the fullest. It is a pity that he wasted a few scoring opportunities. In the 2018 World Cup, Guedes, who had just recovered from his injury, had a very bad sense of the ball. His counter-attack dribbling and shooting were not on the spot, which made Cristiano Ronaldo's retracement of the ball with half the effort. In the ensuing UEFA Europa League match, Guedes gradually recovered his form and scored the first goal of the representative national team in the final to complete the redemption. Ronaldo’s role as a passer-by is obviously easy to see. Felix can also make progress like Gerdes and become a qualified terminator.

Felix被高个子瑞典选手包围,充分发挥了他的技术优势。可惜他浪费了一些得分机会。在2018年世界杯足球赛中,刚从伤病中恢复过来的格迪斯对球的感觉非常糟糕。他的反击运球和射门没有到位,这让克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多用了一半的力就将球撤回。在随后的欧洲联赛中,格迪斯逐渐恢复了状态,并在决赛中打进代表国家队的第一个进球,完成了赎回。罗纳尔多作为路人的角色很容易看出来。 Felix也可以像Gerdes一样取得进步,并成为合格的终结者。

In the past four years, it has won the championship of the World Series in a row, and has continuously exported famous coaches and stars to the top European leagues. Portuguese football is in an unprecedented golden age. Since the European Cup in the millennium, Portuguese football has maintained its prosperity for nearly two decades. The “dark horse” that could only show up in the past has gained a firm foothold in the first group of powers. The era giant Ronaldo is still at its peak, and the younger generation has grown up. Portugal has a good opportunity to continue to make history.


Whether to encourage Ronaldo to fully participate in the offense, or let him focus on the front blow, this is a multiple-choice question that Santos has to face before every important game. In the past two competitions, in order to protect the two elderly central defenders, the center of gravity of the Portuguese formation is relatively backward. One of the double forwards has to withdraw to get the ball to complete the advance. This has formed Ronaldo’s retracement and the other players taking turns to advance. Situation. At that time, the Portuguese midfielder had a considerable talent pool, but there were not many players who could really take the lead. Ronaldo often needed to stay away from the penalty area and the game load was heavy.


After experiencing the baptism of the first UEFA Europa League, Bernardo Silva and Geddes have eliminated the "heart demon". Bruno Fernandez and Felix performed well in this UEFA Europa League. Portugal may become Europe. One of the main beneficiaries of the cup postponement. Young players have grown into the backbone of the giants, and it is time for Portugal to change the team-building model of the front focus and rely on the midfield to provide support for Ronaldo. In the European Cup next year, Cristiano Ronaldo is expected to get more tactical tilt, saving energy to ensure the efficiency of the front blow.

在经历了首个欧洲联赛的洗礼之后,贝尔纳多·席尔瓦(Bernardo Silva)和盖德斯(Geddes)消除了“心脏恶魔”。布鲁诺·费尔南德斯和费利克斯在本届欧足联欧洲联赛中表现出色。葡萄牙可能成为欧洲。杯赛延期的主要受益者之一。年轻球员已经成长为巨人的中坚力量,现在该是葡萄牙改变前锋团队建设模式并依靠中场为罗纳尔多提火狐体育nba供支持的时候了。在明年的欧洲杯中,克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)有望获得更大的战术倾斜度,从而节省能源以确保前锋的效率。

The young Ruben Diaz has taken the position, but the problem of the aging of the Portuguese central axis has not been fundamentally resolved. It is difficult for them to continue to implement the strategy of high-position pressing in the competition. Deep defense is still the most reliable and practical way to play. Young players need to pay more running to support offense and defense, defending Ronaldo and Mutinei on the central axis. O and Pepe.

年轻的鲁本·迪亚兹(Ruben Diaz)担任了这个职位,但是葡萄牙中轴的老化问题尚未得到根本解决。他们很难在比赛中继续实施高位紧逼的策略。深度防御仍然是最可靠,最实用的游戏方式。年轻球员需要付出更多的奔跑来支持进攻和防守,在中轴上捍卫罗纳尔多和穆蒂尼。 O和Pepe。

Due to the lack of talent resources for the central defenders, it is difficult for the Portuguese team to try the three central defender system at this stage. In the face of continued pressure from opponents, Santos asked the frontcourt players to actively return to defense, filling the space with a "pile of heads". In this campaign, Sweden mainly attacked Moutinho and Pepe in the offensive, and Portugal's future opponents will certainly regard the defense zone of the "two elders" as a breakthrough.


There is also a young Ruben Neves in the Portuguese team, who can not only bring defense and hardness, but also use long passes to support offense. However, Neves' style of play requires space, and his ability to hold the ball and get rid of the ball is not enough to cope with high-position presses. In the 2018 World Cup, the Portuguese midfielder also exposed the problem of insufficient "forward" ability.

葡萄牙队还有一个年轻的鲁本·内维斯(Ruben Neves),他不仅可以带来防守和强悍的能力,还可以利用长传来支持进攻。但是,内维斯的打法需要空间,而且他持球和摆脱球的能力不足以应付高位压力机。在2018年世界杯足球赛中,这位葡萄牙中场球员还暴露了“前锋”能力不足的问题。

With Bruno Fernandez gaining a foothold at Manchester United, this problem is expected to be resolved. If Andre Gomez can regain his pre-injury state in the new season, he is expected to surpass Neves in the overall pick and become the best candidate to replace Moutinho, enriching Santos’s midfielder select.

随着布鲁诺·费尔南德斯(Bruno Fernandez)在曼联立足,这一问题有望得到解决。如果安德烈·戈麦斯(Andre Gomez)在新赛季能够恢复受伤前的状态,那么他有望在整体选秀中超过内维斯,成为取代穆蒂尼奥的最佳人选,从而丰富桑托斯的中场选择。

Fernando Santos is a master of permutations and combinations. The three changes in the European Cup final that year were impressive. The Five Shields Corps currently has a solid talent pool, and the boss has a lot of room for tactical operations. In past games, Santos was used to choosing a wingman for Ronaldo based on the characteristics of his opponent, and there would be different choices based on different tactical goals.

Fernando Santos是排列和组合的大师。那年欧洲杯决赛的三项变化令人印象深刻。五盾军团目前拥有稳定的人才库,老板的战术行动空间很大。在过去的比赛中,桑托斯习惯于根据对手的特点为罗纳尔多选择一名边锋,并且根据不同的战术目标会有不同的选择。

After the test of the first UEFA Europa League, Fernando Santos's favorite two sets of play have taken shape. When faced with a strong opponent, Portugal will generally focus on defensive counterattacks, and players of this type Guedes will be ranked higher; when facing situations that require prolonged active attacks, Portugal needs some diligence. Players who are skilled in running and underfoot are linked with Ronaldo.


In the recent Lien in Croatia and Sweden, Santos used a set of teams, and his tactics did not change much. On the next (October) international competition day, Portugal will play Spain (warm-up), France and Sweden within a week. This is a good opportunity for mock knockouts. By then, the defending European Cup champions may show new tactics. face. After the expansion of the European Cup, the density and intensity of the competition has further increased. It is difficult for the 35-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo to have a general performance in every game. "Role players" must play a key role in some games. Santos needs to prepare in advance Good plan B.

在最近的克罗地亚和瑞典的留置权中,桑托斯使用了一组球队,他的战术并没有太大变化。在下一个(十月)国际比赛日,葡萄牙将在一周内对西班牙(热身),法国和瑞典进行比赛。这是模拟淘汰赛的好机会。届时,卫冕欧洲冠军杯可能会展现出新的战术。面对。随着欧洲杯的扩大,比赛的密度和强度进一步提高。现年35岁的克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)很难在每场比赛中都有全面的表现。 “角色玩家”必须在某些游戏中扮演关键角色。 Santos需要提前准备好计划B。

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