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火狐体育nba|5场首发的武磊被换下也越来越早 走出困境唯有进球

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   In a match in the fifth round of this season in the second round last night, Chinese player Wu Lei played for the Spaniard 1-0 at home with a small victory over Alcocon and achieved three consecutive victories.


   Of course, what Chinese fans are most concerned about is Wu Lei's performance. It is worth mentioning that in the first five rounds of the new season, Wu Lei has entered the main lineup, and is also the only player to start the game in the middle and front field.


   But since he contributed a goal and an assist in the first round, Wu Lei had a chance to score in the next four games, but none of them could be converted into goals, including this game against Alcocon.


   The Spaniard coach Moreno had a 442 formation in this game. With De Thomas as the double forward Wu Lei, he had two good opportunities in the first half.

西班牙教练莫雷诺在这场比赛中有442阵型。在德·托马斯(De Thomas)的双前锋吴磊的帮助下,他在上半场获得了两个不错的机会。

   In the 32nd minute, De Thomas passed a free kick from the frontcourt into the penalty area, and Wu Lei headed wide from the open. In the 36th minute, De Thomas’s shot from a small angle was blocked by the goalkeeper Alcocon to the small penalty area, and Wu Lei’s high-speed shot was confiscated by the goalkeeper under the interference of the opponent's return guard.

第32分钟,托马斯(De Thomas)从前场任意球射入禁区,吴磊从开阔处开出头球。在第36分钟内,德托马斯从小角度射门被门将Alcocon挡在了小禁区,而吴磊的高速射门在对方对手的后卫的干扰下被门将没收。

After   , Wu Lei also flopped the header from the back point. De Thomas was pushed down from behind by his opponent, but the referee did not call the penalty kick.


   The score of 0:0 in the first half allowed the Spaniard coach Moreno to make a substitution decision during the half-time break, replacing Wu Lei with 19-year-old Melamed. In the last game, Melamed scored the only goal after replacing Wu Lei.

上半场0:0的得分使西班牙教练莫雷诺在半场休息时做出了换人决定,用19岁的梅拉梅德代替了吴雷。在上一场比赛中,梅拉梅德(Melamed)取代了吴磊(Wu Lei),打进了唯一的进球。

   In the second half of the game, De Thomas scored a calm shot in front of the goal in the 75th minute, and it was a small victory.

在比赛的后半段,第75分钟,德·托马斯(De Thomas)射门偏出一记平静的进球,这是一次小小的胜利。

   Objectively speaking, Wu Lei, who played only half the time, was considered to be unsatisfactory. The most threatening offense of the Spaniard in the first 45 minutes was basically related to him and his striker partner De Thomas. But judging from this substitution, it is clear that the head coach is not satisfied. This is also the first time this season that Wu Lei was replaced early after only playing half a game.

客观地说,只打了一半时间的吴雷被认为是不令人满意的。西班牙人在前45分钟内最具威胁性的进攻基本上与他和他的前锋搭档De Thomas有关。但是从这种替代来看,很明显主教练并不满意。这也是本赛季第一次只打了半场比赛就被吴磊提早换下。

   Football matches have always been results-only, especially for teams like the Spaniard who return to La Liga with a goal to win the first place. Therefore, when the team scores a winning goal after making adjustments to the offensive line personnel for three consecutive rounds, it will definitely allow the head coach to form a mental inertia to determine which combination of personnel is the most threatening.


   For Wu Lei, he must have a clear understanding of the difficulty of West Second.


   In La Liga, the Spaniard was a weak team, and playing defensive counterattacks can show Wu Lei's fast speed and good at penetrating behind him. Today, the Spaniard, as the only "rich" with a team worth more than 100 million in the second division, needs to face the intensive defense of most opponents.


   This leaves Wu Lei not having enough depth space to intersperse running positions. He needs to be like other Spaniard strikers, trying to grasp every good scoring opportunity. Obviously at this point, Wu Lei has not done well in the last four games, and it is no wonder that coach Moreno will replace him when he is in desperate need of a goal.


   And De Thomas, the team's most valuable player, managed to speak with strength and goals. It was the same game. After wasting an opportunity in front of the goal in the first half, De Thomas won the team with a wonderful goal in the second half.

车队最有价值的球员德·托马斯(De Thomas)设法以力量和目标说话。那是同一场比赛。在上半场浪费进球机会之后,德托马斯在下半场以出色的进球赢得了球队。

In addition, as the main forward of the team, Wu Lei faced the fierce defense of the second-tier guards, even being double-teamed by multiple players. His technical disadvantage under high-tempo and high confrontation was magnified and made many mistakes. A lot.


   In the current Spaniard's lineup, Melamed, who got a contract extension with a winning goal, and the team's just-signed winger Badillo will threaten Wu Lei's position.


   How can Wu Lei get rid of the current predicament, there is only one solution, which is to score goals. Improve your ability to seize opportunities and use enough goals to win back the trust of the coach.


   The Spaniard’s next round of West Division II will be on the next Sunday, October 18, at 10 pm Beijing time. They will play Vallecano away.


Source: Zhou Shanghai Author: Yu Jiong


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