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The new crown epidemic has made professional football seem to have experienced a severe blizzard, and many wealthy wealthy families have also lived within their means and frugalized. In the transfer market, more and more teams are more willing to sign a free agent, thus saving a lot of transfer fees. In the next summer, the current contracts of many famous players are about to expire. They will be able to freely negotiate with other clubs about visa-free investment as soon as January 1 next year:


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Yes, it won’t be long before the soap opera about Messi’s transfer is likely to occupy the headlines of major media in lengthy form. Although he tried to leave the team this summer and ended in failure, the Argentine King still did not renew his contract with the club. And after two and a half months, he no longer needs to look at the faces of Barcelona's management, and he can openly discuss transfer issues with any potential next players.


Where will this superstar's next stop be? At present, the two "local clubs" Manchester City and Paris are still the most popular candidates. As for returning to the old Newell boy team, or going to the other side of the ocean to pan for gold, it may be a bit too early.


Aguero will usher in his tenth season after moving from Atletico Madrid to Manchester City tomorrow, but for the 32-year-old striker veteran, he may not wait for that time. Interestingly, part of the reason that prompted Manchester City to let Aguero leave the team was that the Blue Moon Corps wanted to make room for the arrival of Messi.


As early as 2015, Aguero also stated that he would return to Argentina for independence after the contract expires. And now, this possibility still exists. However, Conte’s Inter Milan is also very interested in this old and tough striker.

早在2015年,阿奎罗还表示,合同到期后他将返回阿根廷独立。而现在,这种可能性仍然存在。不过,孔戴(Conte)的国际米兰(International Milan)对这位古老而强悍的前锋也很感兴趣

However, if Messi does not arrive as scheduled, it is also very interesting how Manchester City will make up for the vacancy of the top scorer. Will they righteous Jesus, or will they spend a lot of money to buy a top striker?


If the Austrian captain chooses to part ways with the home team, there will definitely be many giants eager to introduce Alaba. Not long ago, the former chairman Hones also bluntly said that Alaba’s new agent, Zahavi, is a "piranha who steals money", which also reflects the stagnation of the contract renewal progress between the two sides. Although he has been giving gifts to the opponent in almost every game recently in the central defender position, Alaba's comprehensive attributes still make him popular. Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Paris and other giants are all eyeing.


Arsenal offered the German midfielder a £350,000 weekly contract extension in 2018, which proved to be a failed investment. The Gunners No. 10 has completely lost playing time, but he is not in a hurry to leave the Emirates Stadium. Considering that the contract expires tomorrow, the 31-year-old attacking midfielder will definitely leave the team. He certainly will not lack chasers, but I am afraid that no one will meet such a high wage demand.


Since the beginning of this summer, news about Depay's switch to Barcelona has been rampant, but the 26-year-old Dutch frontcourt generalist eventually stayed in Lyon. However, considering his resolute refusal to renew the contract, the possibility of meeting with the national team mentor Koman in the winter window or next summer has not diminished. And by then, he may also get more invitations from the rich. As he said: "I am 26 years old this year, and I will almost not spend transfer fees, so I can expect that many clubs will be interested in me, right?"


Another Dutch international who is closely linked with Barcelona this summer, the Liverpool champion midfielder is favored by Koman. The latter even publicly admitted not long ago that he had hoped to introduce Wijnaldum in the summer. As time goes by, the transfer fee for the introduction of Wijnaldum will also decrease day by day, and Barcelona will obviously be more eager to get Koman's love. Considering that Liverpool successfully introduced Thiago to upgrade midfielder this summer, they may not want to retain Wijnaldum.


The Polish striker looked extremely close to switching to Tottenham or Everton this summer, but eventually stayed in Naples. Despite scoring 34 goals in the past two seasons, he has been ruled out by Gattuso. Because of this, he is likely to try to leave the team again in the winter window. "We will see where I will go. But at the moment, I have not decided on the next home. I will wait until the next transfer window. I hope those clubs can reach agreement with Naples."

这位波兰前锋看起来非常接近今年夏天转投热刺或埃弗顿,但最终留在了那不勒斯。尽管在过去两个赛季中攻入34球,但加图索已将他排除在外。因此,他很可能会尝试在冬季窗口再次离开该团队。 “我们将看到我要去的地方。但是目前,我还没有决定下一个家。我将等到下一个转会窗口。我希望那些俱乐部能与那不勒斯达成协议。”

Although his performance in the key games of the Champions League last season was quite eye-catching, and he contributed 13 goals and 22 assists throughout the season, the "Angel" is 32 years old after all. For a speed winger, the transition is imminent. And Paris, which is committed to promoting youthfulness, also seems to have no intention of renewing the contract with Di Maria, which also means that this season will likely be the last year of "Angels" in the French capital. Some sources claim that Juventus is evaluating the possibility of introducing Di Maria, and the player himself is open to everything.


Paris tried to send away Draxler, who has become redundant this summer, but the latter’s high salary requirements scared off Leeds United and Hertha Berlin. Although at the beginning of this season benefited from the wave of injury suspensions in the frontcourt in Paris, they gained more playing time and even ended the 588-day scoring drought. But with the successive comebacks of Neymar, Mbappé and others, the positioning of Xiaode will still return to the bench. Because the treatment and planning could not be satisfied, he eventually stayed in Paris. However, from the current point of view, neither he nor Paris have any intention of renewing the contract.


Not long ago, Pogba once again publicly expressed his "children's dream", which also caused widespread dissatisfaction among Manchester United fans. Taking into account Zidane's consistent appreciation of his younger compatriots, Real Madrid is likely to consider the possibility of introducing Pogba again in the next few months. Although Manchester United can also activate the "mandatory one-year renewal" option in the contract terms, it seems that there is no possibility of renewal between Pogba and the Red Devils.


With the arrival of Werner, Giruben's limited playing time dropped again. This also makes it difficult for Giroud, who is determined to be the main center forward, to participate in next year's European Cup. In order to get more playing opportunities, he pushed himself to leave the team this summer, but in the end neither Juventus nor Roma sent a substantive offer. Giroud himself has confessed his interest in transferring to Serie A, but will mainly evaluate the transfer possibility based on his future appearance at Chelsea.


Other players whose contracts expire next summer: Boateng (Bayern), Costa (Atletico), Evans (Leicester), Caballero (Chelsea), Mustafi (Arsenal), Eri K-Garcia (Manchester City), Tovan (Marseille)...




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