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Under the severe epidemic situation, the five major leagues, which have always been full of hormones, have to die because of this.


As everyone knows, since 2020, scandals within the Barcelona team have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain. While the world football has attracted a lot of attention, this European giant is also like a "zoo".


First, sports director Abidal made some public accusations against the players, and even drew a fierce counterattack from the shy and restrained Messi; just two weeks later, Serre Radio broke out that Barcelona executives suspected that they had hired a public relations company to discredit multiple names. The "public relations incident" of legends and players in the team also caused an uproar in world football. Under the epidemic, the collective salary cut of the players was a good thing, but an open letter accusing the team of high-level pressure has once again caused an uproar. This good thing has changed; and recently, the collective departure of six Barcelona high-level officials, including the vice chairman, has pushed this wave of intra-team conflicts to the climax.

首先,体育总监阿比达尔(Abidal)对运动员提出了一些公开指责,甚至从害羞而克制的梅西身上发起了激烈的反击;仅两周后,塞雷广播电台(Serre Radio)爆发,巴塞罗那高管怀疑他们雇用了一家公共关系公司来抹黑多个名字。传奇人物和球队成员的“公共关系事件”也引起了世界足球的轩然大波。在这种流行病下,球员集体减薪是件好事,但公开信指责球队的高层压力再次引起了轩然大波。美好的事物已经改变;最近,包括副主席在内的六名巴塞罗那高级官员的集体离任将这波团队内部冲突浪潮推向了高潮。

One wave after another, the vigorous "Gong Dou" drama seems to be more "exciting" than the passion on the football field.


So, why are there so many scandals in Barcelona recently? What is the problem with the management method of the "Catalan Giants" team?

那么,为什么最近在巴塞罗那有这么多丑闻? “加泰罗尼亚巨人”队的管理方法有什么问题?

A fact that cannot be ignored is that since taking over from Russell, who was "dismissed" by the scandal, as the chairman of Barcelona in January 2014, in the next five years, the "Catalan giant" under the spur of Bartomeu has been Won as many as 13 trophies-almost 3 championships are accounted for every year.


But the good results also cover up many problems-such as the team's already chaotic management system.


Since Liverpool's 4-goal reversal in the Champions League semi-finals last season, the conflict within Barcelona has finally begun to unfold. In the summer window last year, the resignation of Vice Chairman Mestre became the fuse for the outbreak of contradictions-and as early as the day before his resignation, the team’s sports director had also attended Fran with Abidal. De Jong's debut ceremony.


From the resignation of Vice Chairman of Finance Monger in 2016, to the resignation of Vice Chairman of External Relations Villa Ruby in 2017, to the sudden resignation of Arroyo and Mestre in 18 and 19, plus the recent The outgoing Russo and Tombas-Since "Nobita" was successfully re-elected in 2015, in the next five years, as many as 6 vice-chairmen of the club have left.

从2016年财务Monger副主席辞职,到2017年对外关系别墅Villa Ruby副主席辞职,再到18和19的Arroyo和Mestre突然辞职,以及最近离任的Russo和Tombas-Since, “大雄”在2015年成功当选,在接下来的五年中,俱乐部多达6位副主席离职。

When talking about the Barcelona club, Mingglia, the former agent who brought Maradona, Romario and Rivaldo to Barcelona, ​​said: “The people inside do their own things, say whatever they want. You can intervene in other people's affairs at will-basically a chaotic market."


After leaving his job, Mestre also stated that he "cannot stand the club": "Before I left, I realized the problem-not everyone is united."


In a football talk show, my country’s international football expert Bin Yan also believes that at the management level, Barcelona and Real Madrid are not at the same level. In order to confirm his point of view, he also told a story: the brother of the boss of the advertising sponsor in front of Barcelona, ​​once wanted to take a photo with Messi when he visited Camp Nou, but failed to realize his wish-in chaos. Under the system, the entire team does not even know who is managing this.


From this point of view, Rodriguez, the anchor of the Catalan branch of Radio Sel, described Barcelona's management system as "chaotic times"-it is really not an exaggeration.


Although it has never been confirmed on an official level, in the spread of the majority of fans, Barcelona’s top leaders are generally divided into the "Laporta camp" and the "Roselle camp"-the two are the top two in Barcelona. Serve as chairman. But Bartomeu is a close friend of Roselle, so the relationship is naturally more imaginative.


Here is a brief review: in recent years, the merits and demerits of the three “Catalan Giants” chairpersons.


From June 2003 to June 2010, for 6 years, as the chairman of Barcelona, ​​Laporta led the two eras of "Dream 2" and "Dream 3" one after another. In the early days of his tenure, Russell was the club’s vice chairman of the athletic department, as well as a friend and campaign ally of Laporta. After that, it is rumored that Laporta feared that he would threaten his position, so he provoked the conflict between the two and forced Roselle to resign.


Despite this, in the 2010 general election, Roselle, who brought Ronaldinho, Deco and Edmilson to the team during his two years at Barcelona, ​​won 61% of the votes. Elected by high votes. Under Roselle, players such as Mascherano, Alba and Neymar were successively included in his command. In the future, these players have all become the backbone of the "Red and Blue Army".


However, due to suspicion of commercial fraud in Neymar’s transfer (now acquitted), Roselle had to resign in January 2014, and it was his friend and colleague Barto who succeeded him. Meu. With the "Five Crowns" in the 14-15 season, "Nobita" was able to gain a foothold in the presidential election in June 2015.


Speaking of the characteristics of these three chairpersons: Laporta is undoubtedly the most outstanding of the three, but it also depends somewhat on the emergence of the three geniuses of Messi, Xavi and Iniesta-such luck, Obviously it was beyond the reach of the other two; as for Russell, his vision and means in terms of selection and transfer are still very different.


And when it comes to the development of the team's commercial value, this is Bartomeu's strengths. According to statistics, throughout the 18-19 season, the total income of the "Red and Blue Corps" reached a staggering 840.8 million euros. This data is almost double the 485 million when the "Nobita" first took over! In terms of performance, Barcelona, ​​which has won 13 trophies in the past five years, is equally decent. Only in the Champions League, the experience of being "turned over" by Rome and Liverpool for two consecutive years is slightly unforgettable. That unforgettable "Anfield Miracle Night".


Nonetheless, what separates the three chairmen completely-is their attitude towards the "Independence of Catalonia".


As everyone knows, Laporta and his most successful coach Guardiola are both more radical independents. Even after leaving Barcelona for many years, the two have also expressed many controversial remarks involving independence. An indisputable fact is that the "Red and Blue Legion" in the Laporta period has always been at the forefront of Catalan independence.


Relatively speaking, whether it is Roselle or Bartomeu, their views are more moderate-during the time of the whip, the two are more concerned about the improvement of the team's competitive performance and commercial potential. . Having said that, many of the "Dream III" feats, including Barcelona's four current captains Messi, Pique, Busquets and Roberto, seem to be closer to the "La Porta camp".

相对而言,无论是Roselle还是Bartomeu,在鞭打期间,他们的看法都较为温和,两者更关注团队竞争能力和商业潜力的提高。 。话虽如此,许多“梦幻三世”的壮举,包括巴塞罗那现任的四名队长梅西,皮克,布斯克茨和罗伯托,似乎都更接近“拉波塔阵营”。

The practice of dividing Barcelona into two factions may have elements of "conspiracy theory", but it is enough to explain the ridiculous scandals of Barcelona this year.


Abidal publicly accused some of the players of not working hard, which led to coach Valverde's dismissal-seems to help Bartomeu throw the "pot" to the players.


According to the "Public Relations Gate" incident, according to Radio Sel: the targets of the attacks included Harvey, Guardiola, Laporta and Pique... Yes, all of them were from the "Laporta camp". . Therefore, without verification, this incident can also be regarded as a smear of the “Roselle camp” against the “La Porta camp”. And no matter who finally let this incident shine, the ultimate beneficiaries are people from the "La Porta camp."

根据塞尔公共电台的“公共关系之门”事件,袭击的目标包括哈维,瓜迪奥拉,拉波特和皮克……是的,所有这些人都是“拉波特塔难民营”的。 。因此,未经核实,这一事件也可被视为“罗斯勒难民营”对“拉波特塔难民营”的涂片。不管谁最终让这一事件大放异彩,最终的受益者是来自“拉波塔阵营”的人们。

Judging from the public statements of many players during the pay cut, the whole thing seems a little unclear and unclear-but it can still reveal the conflict between the management and the players. Not to mention that now that the election of the chairman is approaching, a number of core management personnel have blatantly left.


Recall that in recent years, Cruyff, who was deprived of the title of honorary chairman by Russell just after "taking office"-all the disputes within Barcelona seem to be explained. In fact, this can be regarded as the "normal response" of the Barcelona club's internal self-adjustment under this membership-based election system.


Another fact that has to be admitted is that the excessive power of Barcelona players is also one of the reasons for the chaos of management within the team-and the ownership of the player's portrait rights plays an important role in it.


Portrait rights must not be underestimated. Last year Xia Chuang transferred to Tottenham last year, but Paul Dybala, who was only "on the door", broke up with "White Lily" because of his personal portrait rights, and finally failed to join.


With regard to Real Madrid, the rival of the century, 50% of the portrait rights of most players belong to the club. Such a policy has been strictly implemented since the "Galactic Battleship Phase I". Top superstars such as Zidane, Beckham and Ronaldo are also unable to "be good alone."


In 2000, the former Ballon d'Or winner Figo transferred from Barcelona with a sky-high price of 60 million euros. Although he may have paid a higher salary cost for the players, the "European Champions League hegemon" at that time had as many as 90 Portuguese. % Portrait rights-this can bring nearly 15 million euros in additional income to the club every year.


On the other hand, since the players choose to hand over such important intangible assets to the club for development and utilization-the club will naturally also have a stronger control over these big-name stars.


Although leaving the portrait rights to the club can enjoy greater development potential, there are a few exceptions-for example, Messi owns 100% of his own portrait rights. Looking at European football, it seems that no giants like Barcelona have given so many portrait rights to the players.


Throughout the Barcelona team, Pique, who can only sleep 4-5 hours a day for the Davis Cup; after the Copa del Rey semi-finals last season, he went to Paris to attend Neymar’s birthday party without permission. Atul, who is contagious with sexually transmitted diseases; not to mention Osman Dembele, whose professional attitude has been criticized. The above three examples can be seen as a concentrated expression of excessive player power and poor management control.

在整个巴塞罗那队中,皮克每天只能睡4-5个小时才能参加戴维斯杯。在上个赛季的美洲杯半决赛之后,他未经许可便前往巴黎参加内马尔的生日派对。 Atul,具有性传播疾病的感染能力;更不用说奥斯曼·登贝莱(Osman Dembele)的专业态度了。以上三个例子可以看作是过度发挥球员权力和管理不善的集中体现。

As for the reason why Barcelona executives do not pay attention to portrait rights, according to previous media disclosures: Several senior executives of the "Catalan Giants" believe that compared to controlling the ownership of portrait rights, strictly restricting players on salary costs, this is a more important management method— -From this point of view, this can be regarded as a historical issue.


At the end of the analysis, we will find that the current “civil unrest” in Barcelona is a normal phenomenon under the electoral system with membership as the main body. On the other hand, the chaotic problem caused by the excessive power of the team members is a problem left over from history, and it cannot be solved drastically and easily in just one or two days.


In fact, what we have to admit is that under the tactical style with transmission and control as the dominant ideology, the "Catalan Giants" in recent years can still maintain almost abnormal stability in domestic competitions. Don't forget, although they lost 0-2 to Real Madrid just before the offseason, they are still the top spot in the La Liga standings. What's more, in that national derby, the "Red and Blue Corps" were not necessarily worse than their century-old rivals.


However, it should be noted that no matter who the next chairman of Barcelona is, perhaps the concept of "player portrait rights" should be paid attention to. Among the players signed by the winter window, it is rumored that the "restricted sideline clauses" that the Barcelona management intentionally added is a good signal.


After all, in the endless conflict and confrontation-the most injured is undoubtedly the overall brand image of the club.


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