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【火狐体育nba】黄政宇:德比战进球但没赢很可惜 未来想为国征战

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  Source: Guangzhou R&F FC official


   The first stage of the Super League this season has ended. Guangzhou R&F’s record of 14 rounds in the first stage was fixed at 4 wins, 3 draws and 7 losses, scoring 14 goals, conceding 28 goals and accumulating 15 points, ranking 6th in Group A.


In the first stage, Guangzhou R&F’s performance has highlights and lows; there are surprising moments and also discouraging moments; on the green field, R&F players bravely take the lead. Among them are veterans who have overcome difficulties for many years, and some have made their debut in the league. The newcomer on the stage.


   They are the pioneers of the Guangzhou R&F team's growth and development. Every game witnesses their growth. Next, R&F will record their mental journey through an exclusive interview with R&F’s stars.


   Two days ago, Mr. R & F brought an interview with Han Jiaqi. Today, Mr. R&F brought an interview with Huang Zhengyu.


   In the first stage of the Super League this season, Huang Zhengyu has represented the team 12 times, including 8 starts. In addition, he also came off the bench when Shenhua was eliminated in the first round of the FA Cup.


   Including the penalty kick in the FA Cup and Shenhua penalty kick, Huang Zhengyu scored 2 goals for Guangzhou R&F this season. In the regrettable match in the league where the team was reversed by the opponent in the same city 1-2, he opened the record, which was a precious goal.


   In the second round of the league, Huang Zhengyu got his first chance to play this season. He came off the bench in that round of the Guangzhou Derby. Huang Zhengyu is already familiar with the Guangzhou Derby. In that Guangzhou Derby, the team also suffered very bad results.


   So, in the second round of the Guangzhou Derby this season, when Huang Zhengyu scored a goal in a way he was not familiar with, and it was a goal that broke the deadlock, how surging his heart could be.


   By the 4th round, Huang Zhengyu finally got the chance to start. From July to August, the team won 2 wins in 8 games. Huang Zhengyu made one start and one substitute in these two games. In addition to two victories, he experienced several defeats and setbacks with the team.


  The change started in September. In the first game of September, in the second round of the Guangzhou Derby, Huang Zhengyu scored a surprising long shot, but unfortunately the team was eventually reversed by the opponent. Regrettably, the team is actually changing little by little. Under the predicament at the time, everyone is getting stronger.


   In the subsequent games, the team received more and more applause and encouragement with their bloody performance. The team is growing, and young players like Huang Zhengyu in the team are also growing. Speaking of growth, Guangzhou R&F, who experienced the first stage of the competition, would like to thank those past failures and setbacks.


Looking back on his performance this season so far, Huang Zhengyu said: "The most difficult time of the season should be the first few rounds at the beginning. But at that time we all always encouraged each other and worked hard. Everyone was thinking about what to do. The team makes a contribution. I hope it can be maintained in the next game."


   This season, Huang Zhengyu’s position on the field has changed from being a member of the three central defenders to a midfielder, and is basically fixed at this position. Such changes make Huang Zhengyu feel that he still has a lot of room for improvement. He believes that his performance so far this season is still average.


   "Next, continue to train hard, and then help the team in the game. Whether it is offense or defense, there are many points to summarize. I hope that I can improve through training in the future."


   Coach Van Bronckhorst’s requirement for Huang Zhengyu is still to do a good defensive first, build a barrier, and reduce the pressure on the back. Fan Shuai also told Huang Zhengyu not to be under pressure, but to enjoy the game.

Van Bronckhorst教练对Huang Zhengyu的要求仍然是首先要做好防守,建立屏障,并减轻后背的压力。范帅还告诉黄正宇不要承受压力,而要享受比赛。

   Starting from Huang Zhengyu, Ye Chugui, Chang Feiya and Zhang Gong scored key goals successively. Recalling that Derby's goal, Huang Zhengyu said frankly that he used his right foot more often in practice. The way Derby scores, he only practices occasionally.


   Long-term concentrated competition, away from family and friends, Huang Zhengyu has experienced such closed competitions and training before, but has not tried such a long closed time. "This experience has been quite rewarding, both on the court and in life."

长期集中的比赛,远离家人和朋友,黄政宇以前曾经历过这样的封闭式比赛和训练,但没有尝试过如此长时间的封闭式比赛。 “无论是在球场上还是在生活中,这种经历都是非常有益的。”

   In the days when training was in addition to competitions, reading books, watching dramas and playing games became what Huang Zhengyu did in his life. In addition to these, he has to keep in touch with his family every day, which is especially important in closed days.


   After several years of playing in the Super League, Huang Zhengyu also felt that he had grown a little bit after experiencing big and small setbacks and confusion. "Learn to adjust your mentality to face the pressure encountered in life or on the court, and hope that you can always maintain a love of football."

在中超联赛打了几年球之后,黄正宇也觉得自己在经历了大小挫折和困惑之后成长了一些。 “学会调整自己的心态,以面对生活或球场上遇到的压力,并希望您能始终保持对足球的热爱。”

   In addition to training games and maintaining a passion for football, Huang Zhengyu said he "doesn't think too much" about the future now. "I still do what I should do and keep improving myself, hoping to have the opportunity to play for the country in the future."

除了训练比赛和保持对足球的热情外,黄正宇还说,他对现在的未来“没有考虑太多”。 “我仍然做我应该做的事情,并不断提高自己,希望将来有机会为国家效力。”

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