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火狐体育nba直播:法乙联赛 | 火力全开的碾压式大捷!欧塞尔喜迎主场两连胜

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In the early morning of October 4th, Beijing time, the sixth round of the French second round kicked off. Auxerre Football Club returned to the Abbe Deschamps Stadium to face its old rival Ajaccio. With the enthusiasm of 5,000 home fans, Auxerre’s soldiers were fully fired and ushered in a hearty crushing victory: with the respective plums of Michael Le Bion and Remy Duguimont Opened twice with Kevin Ford's penalty kick, the team dedicated a 5-1 goal feast, easily won two consecutive home wins!


In the last round against the formidable enemy Toulouse, although it failed to withstand the opponent's final counterattack, the team's scene did not fall, and the improvement of the attack line was impressive. Returning to the home court this time, the whole team is looking forward to achieving two consecutive home wins and returning to victory. Head coach Jean-Marc Forlan adjusted the formation from 4231 to 4141, and replaced two starters from the previous round: Captain Bilama Touré and winger Remy Duguimon returned to the main lineup.

在最后一轮对阵强大的敌人图卢兹的比赛中,尽管未能抵挡对手的最终反击,但球队的表现并没有下降,进攻路线的改善令人印象深刻。这次回到主场,整个团队都期待连续获得两次主场胜利并重获胜利。主教练让-马克·福兰(Jean-Marc Forlan)将阵型从4231调整为4141,并替换了上一轮的两名首发球员:上尉比拉马·图雷(BilamaTouré)和边锋雷米·杜吉蒙(Remy Duguimon)回到了主力阵容。

Ajaccio had a poor start to the season and won the league's first win until a supplementary match three days ago, avoiding the embarrassment of the bottom. Auxerre, who sits at home, waits for work and has a sufficient physical advantage. After the opening, he continued to put pressure on his opponents. The team changed the slow heat of the first few rounds, quickly entered the state, and got a fantastic start in the 7th minute! Master striker Mikal Le Bion went straight to the bottom of the net and scored his third goal in the past three games! This perfect start boosted the morale of the players, and the game entered Auxerre's control from the start.

阿雅克肖本赛季开局不佳,并在三天前的补充比赛前赢得了联赛的首场胜利,避免了低谷的尴尬。坐在家里的欧塞尔,等待工作,并具有足够的身体优势。开场后,他继续向对手施加压力。球队改变了前几轮的慢节奏,迅速进入状态,并在第7分钟获得了出色的开局!射手大师米卡勒·勒比昂(Mikal Le Bion)直奔网底,在过去三场比赛中打进了自己的第三个进球!完美的开端提高了球员的士气,并且游戏从一开始就进入了欧塞尔的控制。

After scoring a lightning goal, Auxerre completely dominated me. The two sides of the team continue to be fast and agile as always, and the combination of the three midfielders has gradually improved, ensuring the team's speed on the offensive end. The team’s attackers showed a strong desire for performance. Remy Duguimon leaned over from a small angle in the 21st minute and almost opened the opponent’s gate. After that, Amza Saki and Axel Ngando continued. Create danger. Under Auxerre’s stormy offensive, Ajaccio’s defense made a mistake and fouled Michael Le Bian in the penalty area. Auxerre won a penalty! Du Jimeng made it overnight and the score expanded to 2 to 0!

在打入闪电般的进球后,欧塞尔完全统治了我。球队的两侧仍然一如既往地快速敏捷,并且三个中场的组合逐渐得到改善,从而确保了球队在进攻端的速度。球队的攻击者表现出强烈的追求表现。雷米·杜吉蒙(Remy Duguimon)在第21分钟以小角度俯身,几乎打开了对手的大门。之后,Amza Saki和Axel Ngando继续。造成危险。在欧塞尔(Auxerre)的猛烈进攻下,阿雅克修(Ajaccio)的防守犯了一个错误,在禁区对迈克尔·勒比安(Michael Le Bian)犯规。欧塞尔赢得了点球!杜吉蒙一夜之间取得了胜利,比分扩大到2比0!

In less than half an hour, he took the lead with two goals, and the pressure on the Auxerre players was released. Although Ajaccio was regained by Elisor since then, Auxerre's attack line was unstoppable. In the 37th minute, Le Bion played the opponent’s defense and scored a goal in the counterattack, helping the team re-establish the two-goal advantage; 4 minutes later, Du Guimont received a header from Matthias Otre to extend the score again. ! The overall color of the attack line and the fantasy play of the two generals gave Auxerre the advantage in the first half, and the team entered the halftime with 4-1.

在不到半小时的时间内,他以两个进球率先取得领先,并且解除了对欧塞尔球员的压力。尽管自那时以来,阿雅克修被埃里索(Elisor)夺回,但欧塞尔的进攻路线却势不可挡。在第37分钟,勒比昂(Le Bion)发挥了对手的防守,并在反击中攻入一球,帮助球队重新确立了两球的优势; 4分钟后,杜吉蒙(Du Guimont)从马蒂亚斯·奥特(Matthias Otre)头球攻入,再次扩大比分。 !进攻线的整体颜色和两位将军的幻想比赛在上半场为欧塞尔带来了优势,球队以4-1进入了半场。

Throughout the first half, Auxerre's frontcourt blossomed with 9 shots and 5 hits, with a shooting accuracy rate of 55%. The three-goal gap caused the suspense of the game to be basically stifled in advance. Both sides did not have too much worries in the second half, and the easy side opened up the scene after the war. In the 61st minute, Amza Saki cleverly knocked with his heel near the sideline, and Remy Duguimonte got rid of the defense and scored into the penalty area with a curved ball and shot the far corner. Unfortunately, he was kicked out by the goalkeeper, but unfortunately missed. Gave a chance to perform a hat trick.

在整个上半场,欧塞尔的前场以9发5次命中率发展,射门命中率高达55%。三球差距使比赛的悬念基本上被提前扼杀了。双方在下半场并没有太多的担心,轻松的一面为战后的发展打下了基础。第61分钟,阿姆扎·萨基(Amza Saki)巧妙地用脚跟near撞在边线附近,雷米·杜吉蒙(Remy Duguimonte)摆脱了防守,以弧线球得分入禁区并射向远角。不幸的是,他被门将踢出,但不幸的是错过了。给了机会进行帽子戏法。

The Auxerre players in this field are impeccable on the three lines, and the team's defense in the second half is particularly good. In the 66th minute, Ajaccio launched a threatening offensive on the right side of the penalty area, and Alexander Coevsche stood up and blocked Barreto's shot from close range! After 3 minutes, Ajaccio played the ball on the left, outflanking the player's failure to hit the right position but formed a very threatening refraction by mistake. Donovan León flew all over and refused to fly the ball into the dead corner!

该领域的欧塞尔球员在三线比赛中无可挑剔,下半场球队的防守尤其出色。在第66分钟,阿雅克修在禁区右侧发动了威胁性进攻,亚历山大·科夫舍站了起来,近距离阻挡了巴火狐体育nba雷托的射火狐体育nba门! 3分钟后,阿雅克肖(Ajaccio)左脚打球,超过了球员未能打到正确位置的火狐体育nba直播局面,但错误地造成了非常危险的折射。多诺万·莱昂(DonovanLeón)到处飞,拒绝将球飞向死角!

After withstanding the opponent's counterattack, Auxerre actively tried to open the situation through speed. In the 80th minute, Auxerre once formed a four-on-two situation in the counterattack and made a free kick on the right. Alie Ndom, who had just come off the bench, suffered a foul in the opponent's penalty area and Auxerre won a penalty again! Kevin Ford made a strike and set the final score on the court at 5 to 1.

在抵抗对手的反击之后,欧塞尔积极尝试通过速度来打开局面。在第80分钟,欧塞尔在反击中形成了4比2的情况,并在右侧任意球。刚刚从板凳席上坐下来的Alie Ndom在对手的禁区犯规,Auxerre再次赢得点球!凯文·福特(Kevin Ford)罢工,将球场上的最终比分为5:1。

Before the game, coach Fran said that he "wants to see a more united and tough team." The players perfectly fulfilled the coach's requirements with their brilliant performance in actual combat and completely crushed their opponents on the scene. On the offensive end, the team no longer only relies on the personal abilities of the center and wide players, but has more cross-cutting cooperation in the 30-meter area. Michael Le Bian continued his recent hot state. Remy Du Guimont repaid the trust of the head coach with a scored twice, and the team's attackers' grasp of key opportunities has also been significantly improved!

比赛前,教练弗兰说他“希望看到一支更加团结和强硬的球队”。球员们在实战中的出色表现完美地满足了教练的要求,并在现场彻底击败了对手。在进攻端,球队不再仅仅依靠中锋和广大球员的个人能力,而是在30米区域拥有更多的跨领域合作。迈克尔·勒比安继续他最近的热门状态。雷米·杜·吉蒙特(Remy Du Guimont)拿下了两次进球,偿还了主教练的信任,而且球队的进攻者对关键机会的把握也得到了极大的改善!

After the game, the fans at the Abbey Deschamps Stadium were still unfulfilled and reluctant to leave for a long time! Following the Derby War, he scored three points again, and Auxerre welcomed his home win streak and returned to the top half of the standings! This big victory will be a great encouragement to the team's morale and the overall atmosphere. It is extremely important to return to the victory track. Next, we must work hard to make victory a habit! After this round, France B will usher in a two-week intermission. Let us look forward to the return of Auxerre after the international competition day!


Voice after the game


Player Mikal Le Bion: "Everyone played very well tonight. The only catch is that they missed a goal. The five goals scored have greatly helped the team's confidence, and we have proved it with actual actions. The whole team is getting better. I am very happy to seize the opportunity to score goals. The most important thing for us now is to play our best in every game and maintain the winning rhythm."

球员Mikal Le Bion:“今晚每个人的表现都很出色。唯一的收获就是他们错过了一个进球。打进的五个进球极大地帮助了球队的信心,我们已经通过实际行动证明了这一点。整个球队都在进步。我抓住机会进球很高兴。现在对我们来说,最重要的是在每场比赛中发挥自己的最佳表现,并保持制胜的节奏。”

Coach Jean-Marc Forlan: "The players showed their perseverance in the game and finally won. They made good progress in handling details. I see all of this in my eyes. The overallity is stronger, and the defensive end is also improved. When Toure took the post of the back midfielder, the organizational ability of Otterrey and Sacchi was fully released. I think the team has more room for improvement. "

教练让·马克·弗兰(Jean-Marc Forlan)教练:“球员们在比赛中表现出了自己的毅力,最终获得了胜利。他们在处理细节方面取得了良好的进步。我在我眼中看到了所有这些。整体能力更强,防守端也得到了改善。杜尔(Toure)担任后场中场,奥特里(Otterrey)和萨基(Sacchi)的组织能力得到了充分释放。我认为球队还有更多的改进空间。

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